Sunday, April 10, 2011


So it looks like I quit again...... Not on purpose. Facebook has become a way to reach out and talk to people, quickly. But it turns out that it's not as fun as blogging. So I will try to pick this up again.

In the last six months I changed jobs, took on 2 additional jobs, volunteered to be on the Relay for Life Committee and went to school full-time. Now I am almost bored because I have no school until September, only working one job, but I am still on the Relay committee.

I was visiting with my mom recently and helpd her catch up on her jewelry orders from etsy sales.... It was fun! So fun that I decided I should make some and sell them too.

So, here's to a new etsy adventure. I am planning to put more time and effort into this round and hopefully will make some money while I'm at it.

Step one... clean my desk. I bought a new desk but I have to de-clutter the office just to see this desk and move it out of here. Three hours in and 5 loads of trash taken outside and it barely made a dent. I will continue tomorrow night :)

Until then,

Friday, March 6, 2009

So......I guess I have been busy.

Well, I had planned on keeping this up to date and I failed. But, I am not a quitter --- so I am starting again. The kids have grown like crazy. The seasons and holidays have come and gone. I started college.

I am going to make it through, no matter what. Nursing school seems so far away, but I will apply in just one year. I am working on my prerequisites, plus working full time. I am a crazy, busy lady!

I will keep this up to date, and I will keep adding jewelry to my etsy shop. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first post

Well, I never thought I would have a blog. I always thought it was silly. (:>) I certainly do have enough to write about.

This all got started when my mom started a shop on Then I started my little shop(click here to see it) soon after. I had every intention of filling my store with my own crafts and goodies while I was off work on maternity leave..... who would have thought I would be TOO busy with two little boys and my big girl? I put a few things on and haven't really had time to make anymore items to sell.

Now she has started a blog, linked to her shop, and she writes about all of us....I thought I should be telling my side of the story!?! Here's her BLOG....(click here)

I am just beginning to get my feet wet in the vintage jewelry category. My mom and aunt have been doing this for a long time and I might start learning it too. Their shops are on etsy too (clickable): SweetVintageEmma, SignOfTheDimes, Emmasgems, and VintageLife.

SO, I am really looking forward to posting here. I hope someone will actually read it :)

I will slowly introduce the fam..... Aren't they adorable?